Hi. Who am I? I believe I’m someone just like you.

In other words, I’m not like anyone else at all. I’m unique – my history & experiences, my decisions, choices & regrets, my ‘now’ and my future are all unique … to me.

So what does that mean? Well, to me it means everything and anything I share on this page is useful, helpful, challenging, interesting, relevant, timely … to me. You get the idea? I’m collecting it all here really for my own benefit – I’m always losing track of things I come across & like, or want to return to later – but hopefully you’ll enjoy it too, or most of it!

The beauty, though, is that if anything irritates you, pushes buttons you don’t want pushed or just plain bores you, you can simply ignore it – if you do, I can guarantee I’ll be cheering you all the way, because taking what helps, or interests you, and ignoring what doesn’t, is ‘slow’ in action as far as I’m concerned.

Welcome to the world as it is meant to be – the way that’s right for you. In my opinion, of course ;)

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