Beginning …

I think I might be eligible for some kind of unaward or nontitle for ‘the longest pre-launch phase ever’ – this project is eleven years in the making. And that’s just counting the time from when I knew what it would be called, and thought I knew what it would be. It doesn’t include the lifetime of experiences, encounters and learnings that preceded the not-quite-eureka moment of knowing even those basics!

After 10 years of planning, brain dumping, visualising, researching, clarifying, doubting, confusing and terrifying myself with my ideas and ambitions, I FINALLY (oh irony) just went ‘slow’! No plan required, no goal in mind (or on reams of paper, flipcharts, mindmaps …), just the desire to start.

I can’t tell you what will cover, how often it will be updated, or where it will go - I’m just going to start and let it be what ever it is going to be. If you want to hop on the bus and do this with me, then great – find a seat, open the windows, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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